18 yrs - 22 yrs

This is very important age group who are preparing to get ready to face industry for employment or entrepreneurship. At this point, along with their college academics, students also need to prepare themselves for industry and getting better employment opportunities.

We have signed MOU’s with a number of Engineering Colleges to prepare their students to face industry and competition. Industry feedback is taken to develop the curriculum taught to these students. University Academics seems inadequately equipped to the fast changing industry trends in technology. While students have the right exposure in terms of technology through internet, mobile and media, they seem to using less of these tools for updating their own knowledge.

We have devised curriculum for helping engineering students to learn technology as well as industrial automation as per the requirement of industry.

Arduino Based D-I-Y Kit – Advance Level

Students are taught to use Arduino Microcontroller integration with sensors and output devices using various technologies like Bluetooth, DTMF and RF

Arduino Based D-I-Y Kit – Expert Level

Students create Expert Level projects and learn various application of technology in their surrounding at low cost. Projects like Arduino Home Automation System, Climate Control, Arduino Radio, etc.

IOT for Employment

Internet of Things (IOT) is the new buzz word in the industry. Several Startups and companies are working on IOT projects and there is a huge demand for Engineers with knowledge of IOT. Our students create innovative and creative projects like Home Automation, Transport Monitoring and Feedback system using GPS, etc.

3D Printing Technology

Every Engineer dreams to make a product of his/her own. 3D Printing technology has brought product designing to your doorstep and a very economical rate. You can make prototype of even manufacture complex products on 3D Printer without having to spend a fortune on protyping.

Engineering Projects

Engineering College students spend almost 6 months i.e. one semester for making projects which is a vital component for their academics as well as future career. Unfortunately, many of them just buy the projects. Hence, in the interview, they are not able to answer the industry questions and are caught by the interviewers who are very shrewd to understand the signs of uneasiness and lack of knowledge.

Hence, to avoid these issues with students, we provided guided engineering projects at very low cost and also train students before hand in understanding the technology. Our methodology is very unique. We get the project done from the student under guided environment and teach the nuances of the project which the engineering college professors, quiet understandingly, are not able to guide.