15 Reasons to Associate with us:

  • IndiaFIRST™ is a renowned, respected and most innovative brand in Western India
  • State of the Art and cutting edge technology based syllabus on Robotics
  • Leadership and Innovation based activities for school students
  • Exciting and innovative theme based National Competition on Robotics
  • Competition opportunity provides the competitive edge over any other competitors
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) based conceptual learning
  • 100% hands on practical syllabus on Robotics
  • Exciting and innovative Face Book like application for Partners and their students
  • Opportunity to promote additional business amongst your students using fun applications
  • Detailed knowledge on basics of Electronics, Mechanical, Information Technology and Electrical
  • Problem Solving Approach while teaching Robotics
  • Opportunity to go to USA/Singapore/Dubai for participating in International Competitions
  • Opportunity to visit NASA through specially arranged Science tours
  • Certificate of Completion from PTC® as well as IndiaFIRST™

Habib Animatos™ is associated with world’s biggest brand names like