Engineering College Program

Robotic Workshops

Our Robotics Workshop for Engineering Colleges are based on hands-on practical training. We bring in our own kits for training students and we teach them the workshop contents in details with demonstration and project based trainings.

  • Embedded Systems
  • 6th Sense Technology
  • Vision Robotics
  • Artificial Intelligence

Industrial Automation & Robotics Training

Students need to be prepared for employment oriented technical skills. During college academics students are not able to prepare themselves on employable technical skills due to limitations of university syllabus.

We have designed our syllabus to match with the industry requirement and prepare students ready to contribute to the company profit from Day 1.

Our engineers are well trained and industry experienced professionals who are also continuously engaged in research and development activity.


Our Expert Engineers conduct the specialized training on PLC/SCADA for Engineering Students to train them on various PLC’s.

Our hands-on training program are designed exclusively for enhancing the engineering students for employability and skills.

Post training we provide placement assistance to successful students.

Project Guidance

All Engineering and Diploma Students have to make a Project in their final year. More often than not we have experienced that Engineering students outsource the projects to external agencies thereby dampening their chances of acquiring real time knowledge. Further probing this phenomenon, we found that due to lack of knowledge and guidance, students indulge in such practices.

Hence, we have come out with an innovative solution, that after choosing the project, we shall train the students in the technology involved and technical knowledge for executing the project on their own. At the same time we shall assist them whenever any problem arises.

This will help them to complete the project on their own and at the same time they shall not be deterred from taking up challenging projects due to lack of knowledge or guidance.

Innovation & Research Centre

Automation is the future and our students need to be ready to face the real world when they move out of their academics. Making students job ready during their academics provides a strong foundation for the student’s career.

Robotics Lab in an engineering college helps student’s to become multi-disciplinary experts, where students learn Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic and IT Programming besides their core engineering field. Concepts become more clear when they apply them in real life situation. Students are able to solve complex problems in a friendly environment with the help of their Professor’s creating a more healthy atmosphere in the Engineering College. Team work and communication abilities get developed besides the most important benefit of academic excellence.

Our well tested and state of the art IndiaFIRST™ Robotics Innovation & Research Centre helps students to not only learn and implement their knowledge but also imbibes the most important research oriented skills to prepare them for PG as well as Ph.D. studies.


  • We conduct special Robotics Workshops and Training for Engineering B.Sc. (Electronics), M.Sc.(Electronics), BCA, BCS, MCA, MCS students.
  • Each student is trained on multi disciplinary functions of Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical and IT Porgramming along with hands on practical to assemble Robots.
  • Several robotics models can be taught to students who would like to opt for automation industry in their future.
  • In today’s world, it is very important for students to learn the multi disciplinary functions of engineering.
  • We encourage Engg. and Computer Science Colleges to contact us for setting up Robotics Lab for student experimentation and learning.
  • Please call us on +91 9822058338 or email on for more details.