Collaboration Partners- PTC STEM ACADEMY in Robotics

Habib Animatos Pvt. Ltd. has entered into an agreement with PTC, USA to provide world class training to Students and Teachers on Creo 2.0 Schools Edition Software in order to provide them with a platform for creating innovative designs using their academic knowledge. Creo 2.0 provides a designing platform for such students to create innovative and creative designs like never before and provide insights of their skills to the world.

At PTC® STEM Academy, the child undergoes training on the world’s best software used by the world’s leading companies to design and create world class products such as Rolex Watches, Audi Cars, BOEING 737, Cross Pens and many more.

With PTC® STEM Academy, the potential of the child is unleashed and the child gets training from expert trainers giving him the experience which no other academy can offer.

Objective of PTC® STEM Academy

  • To promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics amongst the students using CREO STEM Edition Software and enhance the students technological learning through innovative syllabus as per international standards.
  • To provide the opportunity to students to implement their Science and Mathematics academic knowledge while designing complex engineering drawings.
  • To provide a platform for average and below average students to experience the magic of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics while using their academic knowledge of Science and Mathematics.

We open the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics for them to innovate and create complex designs to solve day to day problems in products that human use. They are prepared to implement their academic knowledge thereby increasing their interests in studies as well.

As a PTC® STEM Academy, you shall receive authorization to train students in CREO STEM's Edition Software, a world class software which is used by designing experts to create world class products. Authorised PTC® STEM Academy shall receive CREO STEM edition software absolutely FREE of cost to each student registered with Habib Animatos under the K12 Partner Academic Program of PTC.

Several product design curriculum including building and programming robots are part of PTC® STEM Academy Program. You shall have access to cutting edge technology assignments for the benefit of your students. Prepare your students to make them better future engineers!