School Academics

Robotics has become buzz word in schools in India. Educators are using Robotics as a very important tool to inculcate various traits in children like logical thinking, analytical thinking, project based learning, activity based learning, problem solving are some of the abilities which get automatically developed in the child when they start learning robotics.

Children find it very interesting when they realize that several designs can be made out of our kits. IndiaFIRST™ Robotics kits are designed in such way that children can experiment on the designs and create their unique robot. What’s more interesting to an 8-10 year old when he/she can make and break without getting reprimanded for it?

Our students are constantly getting encouragement and motivation for designing simple and complex application oriented machines. It challenges the child’s brain and thinking.

We teach our children to THINK!

  • Robotics Lab for School :

    We setup state of the art robotics lab in school where children from 1st Std. to 10th Std. learn making various robotics machines, technologies, engineering and mathematics without any pressure. Our methodology is very simple. Give them the equipments, teach them the nuances and let them free.

    Our expert Electronic and Mechanical Engineer Teachers are fully trained to hand hold and mentor the students. We become their friends instead of being their teachers. Our curricula is designed in such way that the student learn right from the basics and goes on to higher platform progressively.

  • After School Robotics Program

    Schools are now taking initiatives to launch robotics program in their premises for the benefit of their students to learn Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Parents are also relieved due this welcome initiative from schools since they don’t have to bother about pick n drop at other locations and manage their office timings.

    In the “After School Robotics Program” we bring our robotics kits along with our expert electronics engineer trainers and conduct the training program in regular manner as per the schedule.