Customized Robots

Customized Robots

Robotics and automation has penetrated everywhere in offices, factories, banks, commercial establishments, hotels, hospitals, etc.

We have a special cell for Research and Development which continuously strive to make best possible solutions for helping and assisting various establishment make simple yet effective robotics automation solution.

Some of our own developed innovations are:

  • Mega Boards for Engineering College students which helps them to conduct various research and practical using Arduino Board and a variety of sensors as well as output methods.
  • Automatic Trolley for Banks and Office for moving documents and materials from Point A to Point B without any human interventions.
  • Reception Robot for Hotels, Banks, Education Institutions, Hospitals, etc for providing information to visitors and completing their tasks independently.
  • Robotic Arm for research and development of Engineering College Students, Corporate R&D Departments, Industrial R&D Departments to understand the working of Robotics Arm with various Degree of Freedom ranging form 3 Axis to 6 Axis.