Business Opportunity

STEM Learning and Robotics today are the buzz word in education industry. Parents and Schools have woken to the fact of teaching students using “Activity Based Learning” approach. ABL helps students to assimilate the concepts of Science and Mathematics. STEM and Robotics Learning helps students to design and create their own simple machines.

What is the STEM and Robotics Training Business Opportunity?

Every parent and school today has become exam oriented. Everyone is craving to achieve more marks in their exams right from the beginning of the child’s academics in school. We have lost focus on building the fundamental skills of the child as per his/her creativity inclination.


Most of the parents, today, want their child to become engineer, doctor or such other professional in their future life. Unfortunately, till now we did not have any activity or program to strengthen their knowledge in these areas while in school academics. The focus is more on getting good marks.

On the other hand, if the parent identifies or wants their child to gain knowledge in music, dance, arts or karate they enroll them in these classes with intent of developing these traits. Similarly, Engineering, Medical, Designing, etc. are skills. These skills, if harnessed from childhood, would turn your child in the best amongst the professionals in the field of their choice. For harnessing these skills, parents are now looking at robotics as the most potential activity since it allows the child to innovate and create models of their own choice. Once the child is involved in creation of these models, the knowledge earned is tremendous. Thinking process gets initiated and brilliant ideas start flashing in the child’s mind for finding solutions to the problems around. If guided properly, the child might come out with excellent fresh ideas to solve the current issues. This is how child prodigies get created.

Robotics and STEM business opportunity presents an innovative way of doing business while creating child prodigies. Here we harness the child’s creativity and innovative ability and teach them Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in fun manner. Most of the high paying careers are available in the STEM domain. Entering into STEM isn’t just a great way to get a good job. It’s also a way to get a high paying job. Studies and surveys have shown that 63% of people with a degree in STEM related work get paid more than someone with a bachelor’s degree in anything else. More than that, 47% of people with a bachelor’s degree in a STEM field make more than people with a Ph.D. in other areas. Basically, you’ll be more likely to make lots of money than someone who majors in another field of study.

Hence, to create great engineers, IndiaFIRST® Robotics programs help school going students to understand STEM in a friendly manner we remove the fear of science and mathematics from their minds. Instead we teach them to play and experiment with science and mathematics.

Huge business opportunity exists in this arena since here we focus of fundamental development of the child in STEM areas with the help of Robotics.

What is IndiaFIRST® Robotics?

IndiaFIRST® Robotics is a premier robotics training, franchising, manufacturer and supplier in India. We have established a network of 120+ Franchisee Centers in India, Middle East and Africa. We have trained 500,000+ students in the last 9+ years. Our esteemed customers include University of Pune, Fujitsu Consulting India, PTC, John Deere and several schools and engineering colleges in India.

We have developed a unique and successful franchisee business model through which enterprising entrepreneurs are happily training students from schools and colleges to empower them in the 21st century skills.


Our expert and experienced engineer team is always ready to support you and your team with all advance technical knowledge. Our engineers are continuously engaged in R&D activities to develop newer robotic models for teaching school level as well as college level students. In today’s era, knowledge and skill are very essential commodity for every child. We believe that each of the person involved in education sector must be oriented toward fundamental development of the student. These very students are the future of our beloved country, India. Hence, very aptly, we have named ourselves after our country and put the objective of our working for making every meaningful thing for IndiaFIRST® Robotics

IndiaFIRST® Robotics kits are unique in design and have nation wide acceptance in terms of durability, versatility and creativity. Expert engineers work extensively to design and create robotics kits which allow students to experiment for achieving their dream projects. Be it a Car, F1 Car, Truck, JCB, Motorcycle, Lift Mechanism, Pick n Drop Robot, Robotic Arm or any other device or product that one can think of, be made out of our kit. Our Electronics, too is quite sturdy and robust to withstand climate changes, shocks or pressure.

We believe that children and adults need to be given platform for nurturing their inner creative and innovative ideas in order to bring in fresh designs and products useful for society and industry at large.

We invite you on this exciting journey to spend time with the children and college student to make them self reliant and successful in their endeavor to achieve their big dreams. We together can nurture them so that they can contribute to the future of India as well as the society with the knowledge and skills that you impart to them.

We also believe that this knowledge and skills acquiring journey of our children must be activity oriented with a goal set at every corner. Let us make this journey pleasurable for children so that they are able to learn the 21st skills while they make merry with robots, technology and engineering.

How Student is benefited by learning STEM & Robotics from IndiaFIRST®?

Robotics and STEM being hands-on and Activity Based Learning programs, several skills of the students get developed unknowingly which are critical for overall and fundamental development of the child. These skills helps the student to gain an edge over others in their adulthood. It also sharpens the students mind and makes them more inclusive and holistic in approaching their goals.

Here are some of the skills listed below which gets developed in the student:

  • Understanding of simple machines
  • Basic engineering understanding
  • Understanding of Engineering
  • Develops interest in technology related areas
  • Start of Logic building
  • Analytical approach
  • Understands basics of manufacturing & technology
  • Thinking Skills
  • Motoring skills
  • Excellent Personality Development
  • Creative Thinking
  • Innovative thinking
  • Learns Problem Solving approach
  • Learns Problem Solving approach
  • Will power building
  • Helps to become a universal thinker
  • Self Discipline
  • Discriminative thinking
  • International perspective
  • Industrial and commercial sense
  • Project based approach
  • Mathematical Skills
  • Stress Management
  • Efficient Planning
  • Ethical Thinking
  • Responsible
  • Ability to adapt
  • Positive thinker
  • Influencer
  • Leadership Skills

Become IndiaFIRST® Robotics Franchisee

We invite financial and technically sound professionals to participate in this revolution along with IndiaFIRST® Robotics and reap the benefits of being early entrant in this very rewarding business. IndiaFIRST® brings in their highly experienced team to support the network in Marketing, Business Development as well Technical aspects.

Who can Apply for IndiaFIRST® Robotics Franchisee?

We invite financial and technically sound professionals to participate in this revolution along with IndiaFIRST® Robotics and reap the benefits of being early entrant in this very rewarding business. IndiaFIRST® brings in their highly experienced team to support the network in Marketing, Business Development as well Technical aspects.

Some of the likely profiles for being IndiaFIRST® Franchisee:

  • Secondary and Higher Schools with an eye for futuristic development of Students
  • Any Professionals who wish to start own business in School Academic Arena
  • Reputed Computer Institutes who are looking for entering in the rewarding business of Robotics
  • Training for School as well as College Students
  • Existing School suppliers having excellent report with School Administration
  • Any business or a company looking for diversification in the most rewarding futuristic business of Robotics for School and College students

Business Opportunity

Though we restrict being utterly commercial, a commercially viable business is always the one which moves forward and has the capabilities to fulfill the requirements of its stake holders like students, parents, schools, colleges, academicians, etc. We emphasize on quality and genuine professionals.

IndiaFIRST® Franchisee must:

  • have a flair and interest for interacting with school children
  • preferably be an Electronic or Mechanical engineer
  • If not, must understand the technicalities involved in robotics
  • put the children’s and school’s interest before self
  • be financially sound and willing to make investments
  • have at least 800 sq. ft. premises with adequate training facilities
  • have or ready to employ adequate staff with technical as well as business development skills
  • have or ready to develop contacts in school academic segments

IndiaFIRST® Robotics Franchisee Establishment

Being a Robotics training center, the IndiaFIRST® Robotics Academy must be a centrally located semi commercial place which is accessible to school students and must have at least 6/7 schools in a vicinity of 5/6 kms. The IndiaFIRST® Robotics Academy must:

  • minimum 800 sq. ft. with at least 2 learning rooms
  • fresh paint with fresh colours soothing to eyes
  • adequate wall space for putting up Robotics Posters
  • adequate space outside the academy to put up name board
  • adequate staff to support the business development and training activity

IndiaFIRST® Robotics Support

Being our partner in success is like being our extended arm and IndiaFIRST® Robotics assures all round support for our partners. We are known to be partner oriented and our decisions or policies are always for the benefit of students. We value their enthusiasm, tender expectations and care for their feelings. We assure to provide:

  • Technical Training on designing, developing and assembling robots
  • Specially designed and developed curriculum and syllabus for teaching students
  • Training on business development and business generation
  • Specially designed training manuals for technical staff
  • Business leads on business development in the local market through our special Business Development Cell
  • World class robots designed for continuous business and product up gradation
  • Continuous skill up gradation training to technical staff on the newly designed and developed technologies
  • Continuous skill up gradation training to technical staff on the newly designed and developed technologies
  • Exciting and innovative ideas for business development and market capitalization
  • Exciting new game format every year to challenge the knowledge and experience of students
  • National and International platform for students every year by arranging Robotics Competition in India on National Level as well as at various venues Internationally