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Industrial Automation

IndiaFIRST® Robotics has been instrumental in the robotics field since year 2009. We started with education Robotics and evolved ourselves for providing Industrial Automation project consultancy and product development.

India is now poised for a major growth in automation and IndiaFIRST® Robotics has entered in this domain after a careful research to make its mark in the Industrial Automation sector. Industries, especially the small scale industries have realised the power of automation and quality output.

SME’s have realised that in order to compete in this world of automation, they have to first embrace the automation themselves to compete and remain in the race with the international companies.

Since the markets have opened up liberally, international companies now have access to Indian market like never before. Even Indians are ordering products from world over with an objective of acquiring quality products. Repetitive or hazardous jobs are being handled by robots or robotic machine thereby eliminating the risks for humans involved in such boring or life threatening situations.

IndiaFIRST® Robotics is an authorized Dealer of DOBOT Inc. which is offering excellent robotic arms as well as 3D Printers for educational as well as industrial usage. Several corporates, educational institutes as well as industries have taken advantage of the quality products of DOBOT Inc. through IndiaFIRST® Robotics.

Our engineers are very well trained and expert in handling the various industrial automations scenarios.

We work on the return on investment model in which we carefully design the automation solution to suit the investment budgets of the SME’s.

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