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IndiaFIRSTĀ® Robotics has designed the courses carefully to suit the needs of all students and their timelines. It is very important that the students understand the nuances of the technologies that have been opted by them for learning.

Our specially designed courses are interactive as well informative for the students of all age groups. A lot of emphasis is given on the providing hands o practical training to ensure the student learns the concepts properly and also is able to create their own models, designs or automation, as the case may be.

Our students are able to innovate creatively on various designs and models of robots. We work on a complete 360 degree approach for teaching robotics, coding and designing to our students.

Our philosophy is to teach students from the basics of machines, electronics as well as coding and designing. We teach on open-source technology to enable our students creativity and innovation. We do not follow the plug and play or proprietary technology electronics as it hampers the learning process of the student and limits their thinking or ability to upscale their knowledge.

Teaching Methodology:

Our trainers are specially trained to take care of the aspirations of our young learners. It is very important to maintain their interest levels and captivate their imaginations and provide them challenging environment to learn the new age technologies.

While training the students, we follow the design thinking methodology which helps tinker the students mind and trains them to think proactively to resolve complex problems.

Our aim is to build a long lasting knowledge bank for the students though our unique training methodology and help them become technology professionals with clear fundamental knowledge base as well as excellent life skills like Logical Thinking, Critical Thinking, Analytical Thinking, Project based Problem Solving Ability, Research and Development, etc.

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