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Robot Kit Sales

Once the students have learnt robotics and coding, they would want to conduct experiments on various technologies as well as participate in various robotics exhibitions and robotics competitions.

This becomes an excellent opportunity to provide them with various robotics kits and models. It is our endeavor to provide quality products to our students and help them with the best micro-controllers, sensors, motors and various other components for their experiments and creation of various robotics models.

We provide them with the much needed warranty as well as technical support and encourage them to take up various projects for development purpose.

IndiaFIRSTĀ® Robotics manufactures mechanical building elements like C Channels, L Channels, bar, plates, connectors, gears, wheels, omni wheels, remote controls and motor control unit, etc. Our quality products have exported to countries like Tanzania, Kenya, Germany, France, Australia, USA as well as Kuwait. The very fact that these developed countries have embraced the kits of IndiaFIRSTĀ® Robotics, shows the quality and advancement of our kits.

We have excellentproducts and kits for individual students and also supply the robotic kits to schools and colleges as well as Universities to setup their robotics labs.

Till now we have setup labs in more than 500 nos. schools across the country and about 16 Engg. Colleges and 6 nos. Universities.

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