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Robotics Competitions

Robotics Competitions are a great way to learn how to make machines work as per the desired output. Students are able to understand the implementation of technologies learnt during their training program and check out the impact by themselves.

Robotics Competitions also provide the students a platform to showcase their knowledge to the world and compete with their peers which builds their competitive spirit and prepares them to face the world.

IndiaFIRST Robotics conducts India’s biggest robotics competitions in association with World’s BEST Robotics Competition which is headquartered in USA. Our Robotics competitions are very unique innature and provides a platform for deserving students to compete at an International level.

IndiaFIRST Robotics competitions are the only robotics competitions in India where students or schools are not required to pay anything. Not for the registrations, nor the kits.

Isn’t it a great idea? Just imagine the impact of this statement and also the reach it would offer. Any school can participate in this robotics competition without having to worry about the payments for registrations or kits.

We look forward to reaching out to the deserving schools and students for this robotics competition and offer them the program without any cost.

We also invite volunteers and judges to participate in this Robotics Competition revolution and contribute for the growth of our K-12 students who would become the future workforce. Your efforts in developing the countries future work force will go a long way.

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