Rules And Regulations

Rules And Regulations



  1. Students will be able to design creative and innovative mobile robots for pushing the ball towards a predefined site.
  2. Students will be able to assemble innovative designs for achieving game problem.
  3. Students will be able to utilize their mechanical and electronics knowledge & showcase a well-designed robot.

The Game

  1. Two teams will compete to make goals against each other.
  2. Team scoring most goals will be declared winner for the game.

The Field

  1. The arena is made from Plywood with Flex covering it.
  2. Dimensions of field are 8ft x 4 ft (32 sq.ft)
  3. The field will be designed synonymous with the actual soccer field with markings and centerline on it.
  4. The goal post is located at the center of the 4ft side.
  5. Goal post dimensions : 1.5ft x 1ft (width x height)
  6. The soccer ball is made of rubber with a diameter of 1.5 inch and weighs 45gms.
  7. Right, and left sides will be marked as playing areas in red and blue.

The Robot

  1. The Robot can be wired or wireless as per category.
  2. The maximum dimensions of the robot are 25 x 25 x 25 cm and a mass of 2 kg.
  3. The bot can expand after the match starts
  4. The robot should be operated on or below 9V.
  5. Readymade Robot, as well as Lego parts, are not allowed.
  6. Kicking mechanisms are allowed. Grabbing mechanisms on robots is strictly prohibited.
  7. Sharp edges on robots should be avoided.
  8. Any mechanism on a robot that can damage the arena as well as the robot will be prohibited.
  9. In the case of wireless robots only Bluetooth communication is acceptable.
  10. No external Power Source will be provided


  1. A Single ball will be placed in the center of the ground.
  2. The robot can traverse the whole arena irrespective of the sides unless and until it doesn’t intentionally damage the arena or opponents robot
  3. Every team will have two on-field members.
  4. Team members are allowed to move in the respected blue/red zone only. Trespassing is prohibited
  5. For wired robots, the wiring should be loose at all times. Any manipulation by wire tension will lead to strict penalties
  6. The teams will get 6 minutes of playtime divided into 2 halves (3min each) with 1 min break in between (halftime).
  7. During the match no opponent shall destroy or damage the arena or the opponent’s bots. This will lead to disqualifying the team.
  8. No changing of bot during the tournament is permitted; minor adjustments are allowed.
  9. The robot should be able to score goals by kicking the ball into the goal or defending the incoming ball into the goal.
  10. Referees/judge’s decision shall be the final decision.


  1. Playing members: 2 per team
  2. Game time: 3min + 1min break + 3min
  3. After halftime, the teams will change sides to promote fair play.
  4. A team will be awarded 2 points on successfully winning the match.
  5. A team will be awarded 0 points on losing the match and 1 point each for Tie.
  6. The team will also be awarded 1 point for each goal scored in the match.
    1. If a team wins a match with 4 goals then
    2. It will earn 2 (for win) + 4(for no. of goals scored) =6 pts
  7. Round 1 : Qualifiers (league matches)
  8. Round 2 : Semifinals
  9. Round 3 : Finals
  10. The winning teams will be awarded rankings on basis of the overall score.


  1. The competition fields are made of the same materials.
  2. The robot must be registered before the competition. The registration process includes technical inspection of the robot, marking the robot with a number sticker and testing of the remote start and stop function.
  3. Technical inspection must be completed by the time specified by the organizers. All questions and problems that may arise during the competition, are solved by the referee.
  4. The final decision regarding any appeals is made by the referee and/or the organizers.
  5. All complaints must be reported to the referee during the match or right after the ending of the match.
  6. Complaints filed later will not be accepted. The final decision regarding any disputes or inconsistencies, is always made by the referee.


  1. 1st Prize, 2nd Prize and 3rd Prize with Trophies and Certificate.

Award criterias

    Prizes shall be divided as per the position of the team in the tournament. Positions shall be divided as per the points earned during matches.

    Rank Wired Soccer (8-12 Age) Wireless Soccer (13-16 Age)
    1st INR 25000 INR 25000
    2nd INR 15000 INR 15000

Young Talent Hunt

A Theme based Project Competition

  1. Young Talent Hunt is a theme based science project competition where students showcase their project in the following predefined themes.
    • Project Themes: (Choose any ONE)
      1. Smart Traffic Management
      2. Clean city/Environment
      3. Smart Police
      4. Space
      5. Defence
    • For the above themes the ideas must be based upon the use of technology and innovation. The students are free to use their imagination within the practical and applicability scenario.
  2. Team: Min 1 Student and maxi 2 no. of student.
  3. Team needs to prepare min. A2 Size poster of their project along with working/Prototype model.
  4. 1 Table (2x3ft) will be provided at the time of Competition to each team.
  5. Each group will be inspected by Judges and evaluated accordingly.
  6. Age Group: Category 1. 8 to 12 years
  7. Category 2. 13 to 16 years