Service Robots

Service Robots

Manpower cost is increasing and it difficult to find the labour class persons at cheaper rate and, moreover, retaining them has become a problem for various industry’s like Hospitality, Hospitals and Healthcare, Banking, Telecommunications, Restaurants, etc. This is why many of these industries have started to introduce self-ordering kiosks and similar solutions. You will almost definitely have already used one of these systems in a restaurant or fast food chain, or you will at least seen one.

If you haven’t, you can see them at They are innovative, cost-effective and efficient. But as we know, things are always changing. So what’s next?

Repetitive work where precision is required with faster deliveries and accurate outcome, Robots are being used. Several offices, hospitals, hotels and Banks have opted for using Robots in their reception and serving areas where the interaction is of the similar nature and skilled manpower is not required.

Deploying a robot is a one time cost for such institutions which saves a lot of recurring money and also brings in a WOW factor for the visitors or patrons.

Besides, the institution experiences a talk of the town phenomena and this results in increased business for them. Its a good idea to deploy a robot in the areas of non critical and non decision making activity is happening continuously.

For example, Robots can replace a waiter, whose job is only to deliver the food ordered by the restaurant patrons. Bringing a robot to do the job also increases visibility of technological intervention and it becomes an attraction for the kids.